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Sandy Pierani

Sandy Pierani is an enthusiastic and dedicated fitness instructor, dancer and mother. She’s been teaching fitness classes for over 20 years beginning at Eastern Michigan University where she studied Occupational Therapy. As an occupational therapist, Sandy has extensive knowledge of neuroanatomy, gross anatomy and how the body works. She is able to apply that knowledge to the design of World Dance Workout classes for the best use of safe and effective body movement that gives results. She was first certified through AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America) as well as holds certifications in Zumba and Turbo-Kick, a cardio kick boxing class. While soaking in everything she could in the fitness industry, Sandy was also introduced into W. African dance, the best total body workout ever.  She fell in love with the connection between drummer and dancer/rhythm and movement, music and dance. From there, she took a deep dive into the study of movement ranging from African diaspora dance to a variety of mind-body shaping and conditioning techniques through stretch, meditation and visualization. This experience ignited her passion to offer a uniquely formulated movement program that has been influenced by years of working in the fitness industry and years of experiencing dance in various art forms.  Sandy was a professional dance performer for a combined 10 years in troops; Like Water Drum and Dance and Tree of Life Drum and Dance Society. She has taught her uniquely designed dance fitness program throughout Ann Arbor, her home town, for the past 20 years. The organizations that she has taught for include the Ann Arbor Rec and Ed, Ann Arbor Senior Center, Ann Arbor YMCA, Eastern Michigan University and M-fit for the University of Michigan.

As of today, Sandy is leading a team of people in expanding the World Dance Workout program to reach millions internationally through an online membership. The membership will include a variety of fitness classes, featured artists offering cultural dance classes, private FB group for members only, virtual consultations, members only newsletter and more.

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