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Our online portal has over 50 fun and fantastic workouts and it’s designed to boost your mood + fitness.
At World Dance Workout we believe that dance makes us happier, so it’s time to change how you feel about fitness forever.

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What is World Dance Workout?

World Dance Workout (WDW) is a fitness community that combines the aerobic part of dance through different musical rhythms and the anaerobic part of functional training.

WDW is designed by an Occupational Therapist for a fun, effective, full body and mind workout. Inspiring, easy to follow dance combinations, together with strength training, pilates and yoga create space for heart health, muscle toning, flexibility and weight control.

WDW welcomes people no matter what their experience or fitness level is. Whether you have trained before or you are just getting started on your fitness journey, WDW has a place for you. Moreover, with our on demand program, you will have access to our workouts anytime, anywhere, all at the reach of your fingers.

Why Should You Join World Dance Workout?

With World Dance Workout, you will:

  • HAVE FUN, thanks to our unique Dance Workout and over 50 fantastic workouts.
  • CONNECT, with people with the same goals.
  • EXPLORE. Find your NEW favorite class; cardio dance, cardio drum, hiit, yoga, strength training, low impact, chair workouts, barre tone, featured artists and more!
  • FEEL GOOD DURING the workout, thanks to our motivational and energetic instructors.
  • STAY SAFE, with our proven class format for safe and efficient results.

PLUS… Our workouts offer multiple benefits…


  • Toning of large and small muscles.
  • Improved muscle tone by increasing strength in movements.
  • The rhythm of music and aerobic exercises will help strengthen your arms, legs, buttocks and abs.
  • Reduce the production of lactic acid.
  • Improve reflexes and muscle coordination.
  • Improve posture.
  • Increase energy levels.


  • Create joy, since a good mood is stimulated by combining the rhythms and movements we perform during our workouts..
  • Release tension when performing different dance steps, the levels of different hormones and substances such as endorphins increase, which stimulate good humor and relaxation.
  • Release stress.
  • Stimulate creativity and body positivity.
  • Decrease depression, brain fog and anxiety levels.
  • Improve your motivation, your confidence and your affective capacity.
  • Promote cellular memory and brain training.



In World Dance Workout we have a unique philosophy:

  • DANCE: To a fusion of chart topping floor fillers and multicultural inspired music.
  • TRAIN: Tone your body through a series of fitness exercises designed to make you feel the burn.
  • ENJOY: The wide variety of unique dance moves and workouts and break your routine with different movements.

The way you feel about exercise will change completely with World Dance Workout. Your mood and attitude towards life will be positively boosted thanks to our fun and intense dance workouts. Moreover, the fun never stops with our unique class catalog…


These exciting classes will improve your brain health through intentional body and mind connection that tones mental and spiritual wellness:

World Dance Beat builds onto the World Dance Workout foundation. In this 45 minute, full body workout, stability balls and drum sticks are used to bring the music to life with cardio drumming. This high energy class provides more opportunities for brain health by increasing hand-eye coordination, creating new neural pathways and reducing stress. This unique and exciting class also utilizes the stability ball for strength training, toning, stretching and core balance exercises. Discover your inner drummer and ignite your growth!

World Dance Workout Strength Training is a unique twist on a classic workout. Combine a fun, full body warmup with light weights, resistive bands and/or against your own body resistance. This format is designed to protect your joints while fatiguing your muscles to increase bone density, muscular endurance and build strength. Finish with a cool down and good stretch for lengthening and flexibility.

World Dance Workout Barre Tone is a total body workout inspired by Pilates, Strength Training, Yoga, Meditation and Ballet. This one of a kind class uses cardio dance as a quick and effective warmup. You’ll be guided into different poses, on or off the Barre or Chair, to tone your core and more. Experience the benefit of each position that pushes you to find your challenge- changing muscles and finding inner strength you didn’t know you had!

World Dance Workout – 20 minute Cardio Dance is a dynamic class that follows the bell curve. We lift the heart rate right from the beginning- allowing the body to get maximum benefits. Class centers around the WDW unique style of teaching combination moves that supports brain health and are taught by repetition to keep you moving the whole time. Dance to inspiring music from around the world, you won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

World Dance Beat – 20 minute Cardio Drumming is an exciting class that uses a stability ball, a stand and drum sticks for a full body and mind workout. Using the WDW method for teaching combination moves- this class has the added advantage of more opportunities for brain health by increasing hand-eye coordination, creating new neural pathways and reducing stress. Discover your inner drummer and bring the music to life!

World Dance Workout Yoga is a series of yoga classes that center around breath and steady, intentional motion. Each experience offers the opportunity to find space inside a movement. You will be guided in a way that allows you to stay present and mindful while increasing flexibility, range of motion and reducing stress.

World Dance Workout – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense aerobic recovery periods. Anaerobic exercise targets fast twitch muscle fibers which get activated during short, fast bursts. Tabata is a form of HIIT which is designed to be 20 seconds “on” and 10 seconds “off” for a total of 4 minutes. Other styles of hiit may combine one minute of high intensity with 30 seconds of rest or any combination of time cycling for a longer duration. This type of exercise ignites your metabolism and burns calories quickly. It is an extremely time efficient way to get in shape.


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