Welcome to World Dance Workout

Class Description – World Dance Workout

World Dance Workout is a dance fitness program like no other. Designed by an occupational therapist, this class is specifically created for heart health, muscle toning and weight control. It also improves brain health through intentional body/mind connection that tones mental and spiritual wellness.  This cardio workout is a dance fitness class created from our passion for body movement and music as the universal language that connects us. Inspiring, easy to follow dance combinations join with strength training, pilates, and yoga- to create a full-body, efficient, 1-hour class.  

In this unique fitness setting, you’ll enjoy uplifting and impactful world music and find yourself instantly steeped in the global community while you sweat and move.  Celebrate an expansive wellness, as you shimmy and smile yourself to the best version of you.

Class Description – World Dance Beat

World Dance Beat uses drumming for greater expansion into wellness. This high energy class combines the already proven World Dance Workout method with the healing rhythms that music and drumming generate.  Stability balls and drum sticks are used to bring the music to life and ignite your flame.

Linking cardio dance and drumming provides more opportunities for brain health by increasing hand-eye coordination, creating new neural pathways and reducing stress.  This unique and exciting class also uses the stability ball for strength training, toning, stretching and core balance exercises.

Created for all fitness levels and ages.  No experience necessary.