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Yoshimi Shelton

Yoshimi is a multidisciplinary and multicultural performance artist, choreographer, and teacher that has been serving the Metro Detroit area for 15 years. Having grown up in a family of musicians and performers, Yoshimi started dancing as soon as she could walk.  Embracing both sides of her cultural roots and heritage, she developed a love for Hip-Hop dancing and various dance styles from the Pacific Islands – which she would later infuse into a unique dance and fitness practice of her own. 

As well as being self-taught, she studied and trained in various styles of dance. She has performed in and alongside several Polynesian dance, Hip Hop, Bellydance, and Latin dance groups in and out of the state of Michigan. With hard work, Yoshimi has come into her own as a multicultural dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She’s performed in countless festivals, weddings, and competitions and is always eager to do more.  Yoshimi loves to share her knowledge and skills on utilizing dance as a tool for inner and physical healing.  She currently offers virtual private lessons, online classes, and different meditative dance workshops for women. 

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IG: @YoshimiShelton

Phone: 734.957.6726


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