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Kendra Ray at World Dance Workout

With 15 years of training and industry experience under her hip belt, Kendra Ray serves as a dance ambassador to the bellydance diaspora in Michigan. Known for her musicality, stage presence, and blending classic Raqs Sharqi with modern bellydance styles, she is also versed in MENAHT folkloric dancing, tribal fusion, and dabbles in other various dance genres. Having lived near a large Arab, Middle Eastern, and Greek population in Detroit, a city historically known for its diverse music scene, Kendra had the unique advantage of developing her skills alongside a wide range of world renowned musicians in night clubs, weddings, concerts, and cultural events. Additionally, her work in the entertainment, film, media, art, and wellness communities in Michigan and Toronto give her performance and teaching style a dynamic flair, landing her onstage with top local and international entertainers.

Kendra has been featured on a number of media outlets including Comcast, CBC, PBS, NPR, Almas TV, The Arab American News, The Toronto Star, Arab America, and The Ice Network. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Tableau Cadre Movement Ensemble, a multicultural and multidisciplinary performance collective, and provides consultation, choreography, academic presentations, and lessons to a vast number of studios, schools, projects, and clients of all ages in the USA and Canada. She is currently based in East Tennessee and offers virtual class options.

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