• “During a WDW, I feel like I’m transported virtually around the globe, with soul-inspiring music and fun, invigorating moves from places in West and North Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. These transforming workouts always provide an infusion of positive energy that keeps me inspired for days.” -Cris Coren
  • “This is the best exercise class I’ve ever taken! I love the dancing, challenge, the pace and the music. The workout is effective and the dancing is easy to learn.” -Judy Wenzel
  • I LOVE World Dance Workout! As a veteran dancer trained in Latin Ballroom & Club styles, including Salsa, merengue, and cumbia, I have found WDW’s unique blend of African dance for cardio, strength training, pilates, and yoga to be perfect for keeping me engaged and coming back for more as the classes develop over time. As a woman of color, I had struggled over the years to find high quality, professional dance fitness instruction of a workout regimen that honors the diversity of who I am. With Sandy Pierani and WDW, I have found that in spades. WDW is a beautiful, inclusive, and, above all, EFFECTIVE dance fitness system that belongs in every fitness education outlet in the U.S. -W. Noel Robbins
  • “World Dance Workout is the perfect blend of fun, stretching, aerobics, African Dance, yoga, and other exercise techniques set to provide a thorough and total exercise experience. Sandy’s teaching methods account for all levels of fitness and comfort and the music is phenomenal”-Michael Smith
  • “Sandy is great and by far my favorite Zumba instructor. She is enthusiastic and she loves what she does.”
  • “I love coming to this class after a stressful day. It puts me in the best mood.”
  • “I’ve been watching my mom teach this class for years and it just keeps getting better and better. I have taken her class a few times and I love the challenges and all of the routines. Good job, mommy!” -Evelina Ameyaw
  • “Sandy makes the moves fun and easy to do.”
  • “I feel more energized after class.”
  • ” I love the physical challenge in a relaxed atmosphere.”
  • “What I like most about World Dance Workout is the variation, music and multiple levels of skill.”
  • “World Dance Workout is always challenging.”
  • “I wish Sandy could clone herself.”

Letters of Appreciation

  • Dear Sandy, Thank you so much for your contribution at Family Fun Day. It was so much fun dancing and working out to your world beat music. We raised around $3500.00 that rainy day and fun was had by all for a great cause. Hope your daughter had fun too. Thanks again from everyone at A2A3!! Best, Molly
  • Dear Sandy, On behalf of the members and staff here at the Ann Arbor Senior Center, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! We value your choice to rent here at the Ann Arbor Senior Center and we are grateful for the opportunities we have had to partner with you. We are very grateful for the music, energy and enthusiasm that your classes bring here to the center on an ongoing basis, and we hope to serve your needs in the coming year. So many of our members expressed what a wonderful time they had participating in your class, and we know that they will experience real health benefits as a result of being more active. It is so wonderful to have the space filled with music and dance. We are grateful and honored to have the continued opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your continued business and Happy New Year -Pam, Joe, Jayanthi, Francesca, Yvonne and Antoinette.
  • Thank you again Sandy!! The money that was raised from your World Dance Workout for Pitbull Parent’s fundraiser is going towards Chance. He was found on the streets of Inkster which looked like an apparent shot to the head. He was rushed to the vet where he continued to show improvements. He is coming home today! Thank you EVERYONE!! -Cindy