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Equipment List

Exercise Balls
Used for Cardio Drumming and Strength Training – We recommend

1. Dynapro Professional Grade Exercise Ball 

Order from their website

– Or –

Order from AMAZON
$ Price averages around $20-$30

🖒 Pros: This ball uses 100% recycled PVC.  The company is quick to communicate with any concerns.  They’re proud of the quality of their factories.  The president of the company visits regularly and stands behind the way they are run.  

🖓 Con: If you buy from the website you may have to pay shipping.  May take longer to arrive.  May be more expensive than other options.

2. Series 8 Exercise ball

Find at 5 Below Stores. Or order online
$ Price usually around $5 if found at store

🖒 Pros: Great price!  You should be able to find a store near you!  Yay- support local stores! And if you need it shipped it’s still a great price.
🖓 Con: There’s not much information on the quality or sourcing of the materials they use or how they are made.

There are many other exercise balls on  Amazon, Online Shopping or in your local Fitness store. You’re looking for Anti-Burst, 65cm or 75cm ball

Used for Cardio Drumming – We recommend

1. Amazon, 18 gallon, black
$ Price can be around $15+
🖒 Pros: Amazon usually ships out quickly.  Easy shopping.
🖓 Con: The price cut seems to come down when you order more than 1.

2. Ace Hardware Store;  Homz 17 gal. Bucket Blue
$ ~$10 plus shipping if order online
🖒 Pros: Ace Hardware has stores all around.  Each store is owned by local entrepreneurs.
🖓 Con: May have to call ahead to make sure the product is in stock.  May not be one in your city. 

You may find this product at local home and hardware stores. You’re looking for a 17 or 18 gallon bucket.

Used for Cardio Drumming – We recommend

1. Amazon, 5A Drumsticks, Maple, 1 pair
$ ~$10
🖒 Pros: Quick shipping. Lots of options
🖓 Con: Cost a little bit more, especially if you pay shipping

2. Guitar Center, Sound Percussion Labs Hickory Drum Sticks, 5A
$ sometimes less than $5/pair
🖒 Pros: Stores can be found all over the United States.  Guitar Center Music Foundation provides grants for students.
🖓 Con: May not be a store near you, especially outside of the US

You may find this product at local music stores. You’re looking for a basic stick, 5A.  You can also use fitness sticks- but be aware several are weighted.

Exercise Resistance Bands
Used for Strength Training – We recommend

1. Therabands, Resistance Band Set, Professional Latex Elastic 5 ft. Bands

Find on Amazon or their website

2. WDW other resources for bulk drumsticks with logo
Ace hardware affiliate program

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