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Be the Movement

…endlessly searching for a trusted source for your fitness needs?

  • One that supports you with uplifting, easy to follow AND challenging opportunities.
  • One that supports your brain health AND feeling good in your skin.
  • One that feels personal and receptive to YOUR needs

Your health is precious and so is your time. Instead of spending it bouncing around the internet, why not spend your time getting stronger by joining the WDW Community for FREE.

Leaving you more with down time for relaxing with family and friends and just relishing your life.

Just think…

  • all those sunsets you’ll slow down to see –
  • all those mischievous kids giggles you’ll take time to hear –
  • all those sweet breezes on the deck…

No more waiting!  Enjoy the benefits of this proven teaching style today!

physical, emotional, intellectual, & spiritual health through intentional fitness
Be the Movement

World Dance Workout developed from our passion for body movement and music as the universal language that connects us. But what is your world of movement?  With WDW you learn to trust yourself, to trust your own body.  

Trust your journey – we’ve cleared a path.  The path is liberating and intentionally structured classes developed by Sandy Pierani, an Occupational Therapist, that are safe and effective and will 

  • bring a smile to your face
  • tone to your muscles
  • strengthen your brain connectivity
  • and a light to your eyes!

With the WDW Online Platform, you’ll have access to all the fun Cardio Dance classes taught in our unique, easy to follow method.  PLUS available only to our Online members – 

  • Cardio Drumming
  • Barre Tone classes
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Low impact workouts taught by Occupational Therapists
  • Featured Artists
  • and so much more!

With over 50 videos, new videos added every month and a new Featured Artist 4 times a year, never get bored with maintaining your health again.  Classes come in all different lengths- you’ll always find what you’re looking for.  Finding time to fit your health into the schedule every day – because you realize how important that is but sometimes it’s just hard to find the time!

ALL Online Members have access to classes with our Featured Artists.  That’s right, no fancy tier system here.  Every one of our members can learn bellydance, afrobeat, capoeira and so much more from top professionals in their field.  Fantastic, highly sought after teachers sharing their cultural movement with you, right there in your living room!

“The classes really helped my leg recover from an operation. The class is structured in a way so you can choose the degree of difficulty you want. I’m not a dancer but I was able to workout and dance the whole time. It was great and a lot of fun!”
Robyn S.
“I did my first online dance class with World Dance Workout today. OMG, such fun! I have had a terrible week, today was the worst. But joining this online community did me a world of good. Not only did my body get a workout, so did my soul. Thank you!”
Mayra A.
“I have a really busy schedule. Managing my full time job, going back to school and my kids (and dogs!) I love the WDW Online Platform because I can choose any length video I like when I find the time. I love all of the different class options that you can pick from too. Something new for each day and some yoga to balance it out. Would definitely recommend World Dance Workout!”
Sara L.

With the WDW Online Platform, there’s something for every BODY.
So, spend your time dancing because the search is over. 
Be the movement and discover your inner wellness.

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