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About us


To create happier, healthier people internationally through effective movement programs and the experience of cultural dance through featured artists.

 Core Values

1. We invite and welcome all people with open arms and with a grateful attitude into our dance fitness community and World Dance Workout classes.
2. We respect all cultures, traditions, colors, religions, gender identities, human beings without judgement.
3. We recognize, acknowledge and honor the heritage, culture, traditions and roots of our dance backgrounds while sharing our knowledge and dancing experience with participants of WDW.
4. We are always learning, growing and expanding ourselves in order to keep up to date, relevant and current with the dance and fitness trends.
5. We celebrate the learning process and styles of all people and adjust to the needs of our participants.
6. We build bridges in our communities by exposing our participants to a variety of diverse rhythms and movement.
7. We promote the scientific evidence of all health benefits including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual that are gained by participating in WDW programs.

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